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PostSubject: Thieves   Thieves EmptySat Nov 10, 2012 3:07 am

Experience and levelup:
Level Experience needed Extras
1 0Looting and Dodging
2 10
3 20Spinning whirlpool of scary rusty blades and Lemons
4 50
5 751H-Kill Skill
6 100Lose a bit to gain a lot
7140petty request
8 180
9 225
10 300Grand Theft

Thief Skills:
Level 1:
Slash = Medium damage
-Will do 2-8 damage at level 1
-Will do 20-50 damage at level 10

Jab = High damage
-Will do 3-10 damage at level 1
-Will do 40-60 damage at level 10

Level 3:
Spinning Whirlpool of Scary Rusty Blades and Lemons = High Damage with DoT (Damage over Time), 1 turn cooldown
-Will do 5-10+5 at level 3
-Will do 50-60+20 damage at level 10

Level 5:
One Hit Kill = The Name, will not apply on bosses, 2 turn cooldown
Requires a 95+ Roll

Level 6:
Lose a bit = Take one round of hits to allow the entire party to dodge the next 3 attacks.
Requires a 90+ Roll

Level 7:
Petty Request= You beg for mercy. What a evil you are.
If you roll 50+, You are not hit till you choose to strike
If you roll 50-, You are targeted for 2 turns
Very useful after looting, letting you use some items to get ready.

Level 10:
Grand Theft = Your hands have reached into the trousers of hell itself and you've pulled out some very useful but stained items, 2 turn cooldown.
You get 1 item for each 10 you get per roll, no rounding.
52 = 5 items
99 = 9 items
The higher the roll, the better the items.

Looting and Dodging
To loot, you must roll more than 50.
To dodge, you must roll more than 75.

Thieves Rtjiy
Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Bear.
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